Organisations are overwhelmed by the increasing security complexities in detecting and resolving mobile threats with BYOD.

Chuan Wei Hoo of BT Advise Assure

Poor visibility and limited availability of cyber intelligence remains a major stumbling block in responding to security incidents.

DDoS simulation

The robustness-testing technique seeks to uncover unknown zero-day vulnerabilities by triggering them with unexpected inputs and monitoring for system failure.

Information security

Research firm highlights the key technologies for information security in 2014 and their implications for organisations.

Dr Ken Leong, e-Lock Corporation Sdn Bhd

HeiTech Managed Services partners e-Lock Corporation to offer file integrity monitoring as part of its services portfolio.

Nicholas Tay

The provider of incident resolution solutions eyes burgeoning demand for cybersecurity and digital forensics solutions.

Michael Xie, founder, CTO and president of Fortinet

Support for VPN access to Microsoft Azure Virtual Network service allows organisations to create secure VPN tunnels linking on-premise networks and cloud environments.


To address IoT security challenges, CISOs should start by developing initial security projects based on specific IoT interactions within specific business use cases, says Gartner.

Mayda Lim, Head of Implementation & Support, Technology Operations, Thomson Reuters

Mayda Lim of Thomson Reuters shares some insights into the workings of an Incident Control Centre and the roles and processes that are involved in managing a major service outage.

Crocker calls for “creative destruction”

The challenge to build systems that are stronger and more reliable, so that standard methods of use do not lead to security breaches, says Dr Steve Crocker of ICANN.


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