Singapore pulls out all the stops


5 March 2015
Data centre insights3

Singapore has been pulling out all the stops to strengthen its position as Southeast Asia's data centre hub. An investment allowance scheme helps data centre operators improve the energy efficiency of their existing data centres by off-setting 30-50 per cent of the fixed capital expenditure incurred in retrofitting their data centres. The Green Data Centre Standard (Singapore Standard 564) published in 2011 benchmarks the energy efficiency of data centres while providing a set of best practices for the industry. The Green Mark for Data Centres, jointly developed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and the Building and Construction Authority, was introduced as a rating system that encourages the adoption of energy efficient design, operation and management of data centres.

In 2014, the Singapore government announced a S$100 million fund for R&D projects that promote the efficient use of energy in buildings, and a Green Data Centre Research Hub Programme has been set up to look at technology trends – from facilities to IT systems – and outline a framework which may be used to continuously track and assess various technology options for data centres.

A 13-hectare Data Centre Park (DCP) is also set to open early next year. The DCP is expected to consist of six to eight DC buildings providing up to 105,000 sqm3 of DC rackable space. Key features include

  • Redundancy and resiliency with dual power feeds, redundant sources of cooling and network path diversity to ensure that DC operations will not be compromised if any part of the infrastructure should fail;
  • Ready-built infrastructure for plug-and-play DC deployment, with a purpose-built and dedicated on-site power plant to meet the high power requirements of next-generation DCs and ensure reliable power supply with minimal transmission losses and telecommunication infrastructure such as high capacity fibre networks and Internet exchange to meet the connectivity needs of DCs.
  • Ready DC plots for investors to rapidly build their own DC facility within DCP, leveraging various supporting infrastructure to get to market quickly and reduce overall capital expenditure and operating costs through the economies of scale.

These initiatives come none too soon. As Young pointed out, “While Singapore cannot avoid the environmental realities, local data centres must be competitive on the global scale regardless of the country’s climate.”