Ryan Koh of Protiviti

“It is important to identify what is sensitive, what it is that organisations need to protect, and not spend money trying to protect everything,” says Ryan Koh of Protiviti.

Flying blind

Hampered by the lack of in-house expertise, many organisations find themselves grappling with unexpected obstacles in their journey to the cloud.


At the recent CloudAsia conference, certification bodies and cloud service providers share their experiences with the world’s first Multi-Tier Cloud Security standard.

Wong Ka Vin of 1-Net

Wong Ka Vin of 1-Net discusses the importance of operational sustainability and what the different tiers of data centres really mean to businesses.

Chris LaPoint of SolarWinds

With the right resources and the opportunity to consult, IT personnel can give effective advice on key IT business decisions that affect the larger organisation.

Panel Discussion at Energy TechRoadmap

The Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap sets out a framework to improve energy efficiency by up to 85 per cent.


Accenture’s Anika Grant describes work trends in the digital enterprise and how they will impact the skills landscape.

Sixty-second Insight

Stephanie Boo of FireEye Singapore talks about the three areas that companies should look out for when outsourcing.

Sixty-second Insight

James Walker, Vice President, Managed Network Services, Tata Communications shares three tips on what first-time enterprise cloud adopters should look out for.

Sixty-second Insight

Adam Dodds, Research Manager for IT Services at IDC New Zealand, talks about why the next investment for APAC organisations should be on cloud computing.


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