Strolling Dragon passes driving tests


29 May 2018
Unmanned vehicle

A truck in China has achieved what many 18-year-old Singaporeans aspire to.

Strolling Dragon, the largest unmanned truck in Suning Logistics' automated fleet, has completed its driving tests, said the Shanghai company.

According to Suning, the Dragon has “superhuman vision that enables it to accurately recognise obstacles at a distance of over 300 m, even at high speed”. It is also able to make emergency stops, or avoid obstacles at a response rate of 25 milliseconds.

All these, said Suning, are made possible with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, deep-learning technologies, and high-tech gadgets such as laser radar.

We hope Strolling Dragon will be a safe driver. I would hate to have it careening towards me.

Facial recognition on speed

In Germany, biometrics manufacturer Dermalog issued a press release in May saying that it has developed the world's fastest facial recognition system. 

”It can compare up to one billion faces per second - a world record. For matching all 511 million citizens of the European Union, the system would need just a split second.”

Dermalog already holds a speed record for fingerprint recognition, as certified by the standards people at TUV. It has a system that can compare up to 3.5 billion fingers per second.

This augurs well for multimodal biometrics, which allows the simultaneous matching of several biometric features such as fingerprints, faces and eyes, making them much more accurate than solutions that only check a single feature.

I am just not sure how this sits with GDPR.