Compared with their counterparts in the region, more IT professionals here feel that cybersecurity has become more complex.


According to Trend Micro’s security roundup report, there was a 752% increase in new ransomware families in 2016, resulting in US$1b in losses for enterprises worldwide.

FSI cybersecurity

Fortinet issues top five cybersecurity predictions for the financial services industry as attacks grow in number and complexity.

McAfee Labs examines current trends in cybercrime and makes predictions about what the future may hold for organisations working to take advantage of new technologies to both advance their businesses and provide better security protection.

Dr Tan Guan Hong of I2R

With global players dominating the infrastructure layer, local tech companies will have to make their play in the application services space.

2016 Predictions

With more data expected to move across networks and into the cloud, we take a closer look at trends that industry players are predicting will dominate the conversation in networking in 2016.

The 2015 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies identifies the computing innovations that organisations should monitor.

Ankit Khandelwal of Fico

Adaptive, self-calibrating and self-organising models will enable smart machines to augment human work more effectively, says Ankit Khandelwal of Fico.

Chia Wee Boon of NCS

With new players poised to disrupt traditional business models, enterprises are beginning to realise the urgent need to transform themselves in order to remain competitive.


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